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More and more people now prefer Open MRI Fort Lauderdale procedure than the regular MRI process. The biggest difference between the two is that with an open MRI, you will not be placed in a tunnel or tube. It is open on all 4 sides, allowing you to see around you. For those that have a strong case of claustrophobia, this is the better option.

Another main advantage that open MRI Fort Lauderdale has over regular MRI is that it has a sleek and compact design which has made it more spacious and less confining. This is specifically designed for patients who are claustrophobic. It is hard for them to lie still for the entire procedure that can last up to an hour. With a fidgety patient, it will be hard for the doctor and the machine to get clear images of the affected area.

Elite Imaging:
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If you are looking for the best medical imaging company that provides quality open MRI Fort Lauderdale, Elite Imaging is the best for the job. By using the latest technology in medical imaging, we have been able to be on top of the industry for more than 25 years. We put great importance into what our services can do to benefit both patients and medical practitioners.

Another proof to the quality of our service is the fact that we are servicing a wide location. Not only do we operate in the entire South Florida area, we also have a great international reach. We also have clients in Canada, South America, Central America and even in the Caribbean. Our services have been consistently and continuously aided the medical field and helped countless patients in different parts of the world. For Open MRI Fort Lauderdale services that is recognized worldwide, contact Elite Imaging now.

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Service You Can Afford

Elite Imaging prides itself on being a part of the medical imaging industry for more than 25 years. We are known to provide fast, accurate and clear imaging in order to contribute to proper diagnosis and treatment recommendation. Practitioners from all over the medical field have made us their top choice when it comes to medical imaging services. If it is safe, high quality imaging that you are looking for, that is exactly what we offer here at Elite Imaging. Call us now to know more about our open MRI Fort Lauderdale service.


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